What we do

One of GAWA’s strengths lies in the alliance's breadth of knowledge, providing expertise in animal welfare, science, higher welfare standards, farming practices, auditing processes and product procurement procedures


  • continuous improvement in animal welfare standards.

  • best practice through knowledge and shared experience.

  • recognition and benchmarking of other higher welfare standards.


  • a globally recognised network of higher animal welfare schemes.

  • frameworks to define higher welfare for the major species.

  • evaluation tools that measure the impact of organisational policies.


  • to global awareness of the importance of higher animal welfare in the food chain.

  • to requests from a variety of stakeholders in retail, food service, farming and governments.

  • to the demand for higher welfare products from recognised schemes.


  • a consultancy service to enable stakeholders to achieve their animal welfare pledges.

  • assessment and accreditation of schemes that want to be recognised as higher welfare.

  • independent recognition of the integrity & clarity of higher welfare standards.