GAWA created on World Animal Day

On Friday 4th October 2019, World Animal Day, Global Animal Welfare Assurance launched.

Global Animal Welfare Assurance is an alliance of experienced and trusted higher welfare assurance schemes offering advice and support on welfare assurance. We have many years of experience in running higher welfare assurance schemes. This has given us specialised knowledge of the intersection between animal welfare, farming practices and auditing processes. The alliance has been developed with scientific support from the University of Bristol and the Royal Agricultural University.

The alliance offers the following services and benefits:

  1. Sharing experience, knowledge and best practice with membership organisations

  2. Helping with the setup and development of animal welfare assurance systems

  3. Offering consultancy to businesses to deliver on animal welfare pledges

If you are a higher welfare scheme that would like to join the alliance, considering developing a higher welfare system or a business looking for assistance in delivering higher animal welfare commitments, please get in touch.

Global Animal Welfare Assurance is the culmination of a University of Bristol facilitated initiative to increase the proportion of animals around the world that are farmed to high animal welfare standards. It was led by Dr Siobhan Mullan and funded by the Farm Animal Welfare Forum and the Tubney Trust.

Dr Siobhan Mullan, Bristol Vet School said…

This is a fantastic initiative which brings together like-minded higher welfare farm assurance schemes with the aim to improve the lives of farmed animals all over the world. By sharing best practice and expertise it is expected that Global Animal Welfare Assurance will facilitate the development of authentically higher welfare schemes based on science-led standards, and ensure the validity of welfare claims made by food businesses.